The Standard Cut

Our eighths and quarters are cut and packaged with our “standard cut”. Our “standard cut” is the result of years of working with customers to determine the types of cuts everyone likes, and expects from a beef package.

Our standard cut is so popular that many of our custom cut packages, our halves and wholes, go that route too.

Holy Cow Box (About an Eighth)

Our Holy Cow Box is a great starter pack for anyone who wants to get their feet wet with buying in bulk. It features a nice sampling of every area of the cow, PLUS it fits in a standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer!  

In order to keep your cuts a reasonable size, our Holy Cow Box does not feature every possible cut, but it will feature a nice sampling from every area of the cow. We cannot guarantee accommodation of special requests for specific cuts. 

Quarter Beef

Our Quarter Beef features pretty much everything you can get from all areas of the cow, and is approximately double the amount of meat you’ll get in an Eighth. A great way to stock up without overloading your freezer, our Quarter checks all the boxes for variety and selection. 

Get everything from Rib Steaks to Round Roasts, plus specialty cuts like Brisket, Flank Steak, and more! Now that’s good cooking!

The Custom Cut

Want to customize your order? Is there a specific steak you just HAVE to have? Our custom cut is the best option for you! We offer full customization on all of our Half and Whole beef orders. Choose which cuts you want, how thick or big you want them, and we’ll take care of the rest! Plus with the custom cut you can order some of those lesser known cuts that aren’t available everywhere. All at our lowest price per pound!

Want to know more about all of the available cuts? Check out these handy guides.

Half Beef

Our Half Beef opens up countless possibilities over an Eighth or Quarter! With the ability to customize every cut you get, choose your favorites for a stellar experience every time you serve our beef at the kitchen table. Want a custom Quarter? We have a lot of customers who find family and friends to split a Half beef so they can customize everything they want.

Whole Beef

The Whole Beef, everything from tongue to tail, the only thing we don’t package is the “moo!” A Whole Beef is our best deal overall, at our lowest price per pound. Plus you get the peace of mind knowing that lunches and dinners are taken care of when you load your freezer with a Whole. You can also fill out two cut sheets on a Whole Beef, one for each side, which gives you the ability to really maximize the cuts you want! Get Rib Steaks bone-in AND boneless, for example! Or T-Bones and New York Strip and Tenderloins. The possibilities are endless!

The Standard Pork Cut

We offer custom cutting on all of our Half and Whole Pork orders, which means you get exactly the cuts you want, cut exactly the way you want. That includes succulent pork chops, bacon and hams, roasts, and more!

Check out our standard cut to see the possibilities: