Angus and Wagyu/Angus Beef

Grass fed. Grass finished.

We talk a lot about our grass fed and grass finished beef. It’s the entire reason we created Flying B Bar Ranch in 2006: to provide quality beef raised in harmony with nature, to restore the natural ecosystem of the eastern plains of Colorado, and to use innovative regenerative practices that reduce our carbon footprint while improving animal and soil health.  

At Flying B Bar Ranch, our cattle are 100% grass fed and finished. This means no grains, corn, or soy, ever, during their entire lives, and we never use hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.  They get nothing but grass and sunshine, while roaming on thousands of acres of natural prairie grasses. We “rotationally graze” our cattle, which means that we move them from pasture to pasture throughout the year. This gives our cattle plenty of nutrition, exercise, and grass, while protecting the natural ecosystem from overgrazing and losing nutrients and moisture in the soil. Our cattle walk the land and churn the earth with their hooves, breaking down debris and fertilizing the soil. It’s a million-year-old cycle, but it works. 

We raise Angus and Wagyu/Angus cattle, and have both available depending on the time of the year. Wagyu is famous as the source of tasty and delicious “Kobe” beef from Japan, known for its tenderness and impressive spider web of intramuscular marbling. We chose to crossbreed our Wagyu bulls with Angus cows to produce our “Colorado Kobe” beef. This mixes the flavor and tenderness of Wagyu beef with the impressive marbling and texture of Angus beef that many Americans are used to seeing in the grocery store. That’s our winning combination, and it’s why our beef tastes as good as it does. 

Buying Beef in Bulk

We encourage all of our customers to buy beef in bulk. Our bulk customers not only fill their freezers with premium cuts, they also get our lowest price per pound. Plus, if you purchase a half or whole beef, you can customize every single cut: get your steaks, roasts, and ground beef exactly how you like it. Plus we offer bulk packages for every size family, and every size freezer so you can stock up and save.

Buying Beef by the Cut

Not ready to buy beef in bulk? We have plenty of individual cuts available for sale on our online store Select the cut you want, the size you want, and we can either ship them straight from our ranch to your door, or you’re welcome to pick your order up at our ranch near Strasburg, Colorado. Delicious and tender beef is just a couple mouse clicks away!