Ordering straight from the ranch can be intimidating…

Most of our customers have never bought bulk meat directly from the ranch before, and it can seem intimidating.  How much should I get, a quarter, a half?  How does it all work?  You can click here to learn more about “how buying bulk works”.  BUT, also, we’re here to talk you through it and hold your hand through the entire ordering and pick up process.  We are more than happy to answer all your questions, especially for those of you who are buying a half or whole beef where you can get your beef custom cut. While this may seem like a lot to sort out, it’s not, we do it every day and we work with many, many “first timers” who have become lifelong family friends and who we have helped through the process, either for a standard ⅛ or ¼ package or a custom half or whole. 

We got ya on this.

Buying in bulk is your best value and having a freezer full of beef gives you food security and the freedom to pick what you’re having for dinner tonight, or for that special family event.

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Colorado Grass Fed Beef from Flying B Bar Ranch

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