Natural Heritage Pork

Mangalitsa. Berkshire. Duroc.

For many years, our customers have asked us for a good source for delicious pork raised the right way, and in 2022, we decided to find it! We spent months searching for hog farms that raised their pigs humanely and without using hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. We also learned A LOT about raising pigs, the conditions they need to thrive, and just how hard it is to raise pigs the right way in Colorado. 

After months of searching, we toured the Saxton family farm near Yuma, Colorado. Neal has been raising pigs for over 50 years and he showed us how he created his own system to ensure that his animals had plenty of room to move around, root around, roll around in the mud, and be pigs. Pigs are really hard on pasture, and they’ll root up just about anything they can find!

When we started Flying B Bar Ranch, we worked hard to find the perfect mix of flavor, tenderness, and marbling in our beef, and Neal has been working on the same thing with pork! After years of trying, he’s found a winning combination by crossbreeding Mangalitsa, Berkshire, and Duroc heritage pigs. Mangalitsa is the Wagyu of the pork industry, known for its tenderness and marbling. The Berkshire and Duroc influences the flavor and juiciness. When we tried some of Neal’s pork chops, we were blown away by how amazing they were, and we knew we had found a match made in (hog) heaven!

We are working hard to increase the availability of our pigs as Neal expands his operation to meet the huge demand we have seen for good pork raised the right way, so snag it while you can!

Buying Pork in Bulk

We encourage all of our customers to buy pork in bulk. Our bulk customers not only fill their freezers with premium cuts, they also get our lowest price per pound. Plus, if you purchase a half or whole pork, you can customize every single cut: get your chops, roasts, and ground pork exactly how you like it. Plus we offer bulk packages for every size family, and every size freezer so you can stock up and save.

Buying Pork by the Cut

Not ready to buy pork in bulk? We have plenty of individual cuts available for sale on our online store Select the cut you want, the size you want, and we can either ship them straight from our ranch to your door, or you’re welcome to pick your order up at our ranch near Strasburg, Colorado. Delicious and tender pork is just a couple mouse clicks away!