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The Flying B Bar Ranch was founded in 2006 by Brad and Margaret Buchanan based on the principle that we need to leave the planet a better place than we found it. From our small beginnings and steep learning curves the ranch has evolved and grown over the years. In 2017 Brad and Margaret joined forces with Rob Gary. Rob is a expert in his own right in all things cattle and regenerative ranching, having spent a life time working, learning and innovating in pursuit of his goal that ranching operations can provide local food to our communities in a way that truly regenerates the land and our communities, in every way. With this new partnership the Flying B Bar Ranch has flourished and grown physically but more importantly our positive impact has and continues to grow as we had hoped. From about 500 acres in 2006 to 10,000 acres today the Buchanan/Gary partnership has produced innovations and approaches to improving the land. From soil health to animal welfare to customer service the small but mighty team at the Flying B works tirelessly every day to make you proud to serve our beef on your family’s table. And of course it takes a great team to make that happen every day and we have the best bunch of those folks you can find at any ranch anywhere.
Led by Ranch manager Jonathan Tullar the team includes Garrett Mehling, our Farming Manager, Nick Land, our Assistant Retail manager and some of the best ranch hands around. Jonathan leads a team of inspiring regenerative farmers and ranchers, all looking to innovate and lead the conversation around improving the process of creating food for our community.  And of course there are Charles and Pat, but more on them later.

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Meet the team at Flying B Bar Ranch

Brad Buchanan

Margaret Buchanan

Jonathan Tullar Ranch Manager

How we get all this done, it takes a team
I mentioned above that we couldn’t do what we do without the help we get from a host of places. Our friends come out regularly and lend a hand on everything from mending fences to branding calves. Of particular note are Jon, Howard and Phil all of whom have been MVCs, most valuable cowboys. And there are many others too who jump in whenever there is something to do.


And then there are Mike, and Troy who help me with just about everything and teach me something new every time they do. And Dave Palm who keeps all of our equipment running smoothly. And all the folks at Four Rivers Equipment.

John and Katie, Brad’s folks, have been invaluable too, coming out many years to help during calving season. That’s the toughest time of the year because a calf comes when a calf is ready to come, whether it’s 9 am, 9 pm or 3 am, they’re coming. And trying to balance everything that time of year is challenging. Having John and Katie here is just the best, and really helps a bunch.

I mentioned Charles and Pat earlier, and they will just hate that I actually put their names in print but there was no way this website was going to get written without a short note about them. We bought the ranch from Charles and Pat when they decided they only wanted to work one ranch instead of two; they said it was time to “retire”, to slow down a bit. Yeah, right. Anyway Charles and Pat should write a book so that more folks have the gift of their experience and knowledge. There is no way that we would have gotten to where we are today, just no way, without the gentle mentoring of Charles and Pat.

When we first bought the place Charles would occasionally stop by to see how we were doing. I always enjoyed it because I was working my way through a bunch of ranching and farming that I was doing for the first time, and Charles knew what the heck he was doing. Charles would never say exactly what he thought I should do except I started to catch on after a few times that when Charles says “if a guy wuz ta” fill in the blank, you better do it. There were a number of times when Charles said “if a guy wuz ta” something or another, and I didn’t do what a guy wuz ta, well suffice it to say you can learn things the hard way, or you can just listen to Charles. Charles and Pat understand the soil, the trees, the animals, and just the way of nature like you can only hope to someday. If you’re ever at the ranch and Charles is here that day, ask him something, anything and then just stay quiet until he says “if a guy wuz ta”. Then write that down.

“About us” would not be complete, not even close without a serious shout out to all the four-legged members of the family

In Loving Memory

On October 2nd, 2015 we lost Charles to a hard, quick fight with Mesothelioma.  I miss him every day.

This is what I wrote about him:

“I had the great pleasure of knowing Charles Robbins, one of the wisest, most gentle men I’ve ever had the honor to be acquainted with. Charles dropped out of School in the 8th after his father died, to help the family with 10 children make ends meet. He was a rancher, a farmer and a mechanic. I’ve never known anyone who understood just how things work, whether it be in nature or man made. He had an uncanny ability to speak to anyone, whether it was Mayor Hancock, a ranch hand, an animal or a city slicker like me trying his hand at ranching. Charles was a gentle soul and he was one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever seen. He could mentor without judgement and taught so many people about so many things without ever lecturing. I’m sure he is in heaven standing a few feet behind God with one of his gentle suggestions “if a guy was to…” He taught me so much about what it means to be a good man, how to live, and this morning as I sat at his bedside, how to die. Heaven is a better place today and if God hears Charles’ gentle suggestions our world will be too.

Charles Don Robbins
March 23, 1939 – October 2, 2015