Dry Aged Grass Fed Breakfast New York Strip Steak

.4 - .8 lbs.

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Cut only 1/2 inch thick, our new Breakfast New York Strip steak are a great addition to your morning routine! Marinate them overnight, or just throw them in a pan. Serve with toast and eggs over-easy, or cube them and toss them with home fries for a delectable breakfast skillet!

The strip is prized for its sublime texture and buttery flavor. It is moderately tender and has good fat marbling. It is a tasty option to the rib eye steak but leaner than the rib steak. The New York Strip is always a very popular cut of steak at the best steakhouses. You won’t find better flavor than in a grass fed and grass finished New York Strip Steak from the Flying B.

Package: All orders will ship, vacuum sealed, frozen, from our Ranch in Strasburg, Colorado in a Styrofoam insulated box with dry ice. Orders will be delivered frozen or very cold to the touch, depending on the time in transit.